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4 new weed products to try from Monogram, Cann, and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by Glass House Farms and more. 

Platinum: Limited edition gummies 

To honor Day of the Dead, Platinum has released a limited edition gummy available throughout October and November. Dubbed Pina de Los Muertos, the spiced tropical flavored indica-dominant gummies contain 10 milligrams THC each, with 10 gummies per package.

Available: California, Michigan, and Oklahoma

Glass House Farms: New infused preroll strains

On the tail of its original launch of F/ELD prerolls in August, Glass House Farms has now added four more strains to its line of live resin and diamond-infused joints. 

Launched on October 2, check out the brand’s new preroll strains for an elevated October:

  • Saber Fruit – sativa-dominant 
  • Sugarwalker – hybrid
  • The Tropics – indica-dominant
  • Vacay Mode – indica-dominant 

Available: California

Cann Social Tonics: Limited edition infused seltzer

Infused seltzer company Cann Social Tonics has teamed up with cannabis retail brand Sundae School to launch its limited edition yuzu elderflower flavored tonic. The new addition to the line of seltzers contains 2 milligrams of CBD and 4 milligrams of THC.

Available: California

Monogram: New strain

Jay-Z’s cannabis company, Monogram, just launched a new strain in its Heavy OG Handroll line of prerolls. The new strain, called No.03, contains notes of grape, diesel, and citrus from bright terpenes meant to hit the consumer with an uplifting and relaxing high. 

Available: California

Hannah is an Oregon-based writer and editor. She’s worked in the cannabis industry for over five years and continues to learn and explore.

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