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After frustrating wait, dosist finally allowed to bring its vape products to Canadian consumers

Dosist has made it across the border.

After Canadian cannabis regulations prevented the company from selling its products here for over a year, the market has opened up with the country’s legalization of extracts, edibles and vapes.

“Canada’s progressive and measured approach to cannabis education and regulation is what made it an obvious choice for our first international expansion,” said Gunner Winston, the company’s CEO. “This expansion further demonstrates our dedication to becoming a leading modern wellness brand by empowering Canadians to naturally take control of their own wellness.”

The first product available will be dosist’s proprietary dose pen, which delivers a precise 2.25 mg dosage in six targeted formulations, vibrating when delivery is complete.

The company’s journey north hasn’t been an easy one despite the fact it has had a Canadian office up and running in Vancouver since early last year. Canada’s decision to wait a full year after legalizing cannabis flower to do the same for vape pens and extracts proved frustrating to companies hoping to move their products here before now. It was made more frustrating by the fact that vaporizers that accommodate dry flower were legal long before ones that contain cartridges, such as the dose pen.

Matters were only made worse by a vaping crisis in the U.S. and Canada that sickened thousands, killed dozens and forced vape manufacturers to distance themselves as much as possible from black-market knockoffs that add questionable chemicals to their cartridges.

Last September, the company released a statement on Instagram informing consumers that its products are safe. “At no point in the formulation process does dosist utilize any cutting agents (like Vitamin E acetate), emulsifiers or any synthetic agents that alter the pure cannabis oil and terpene formulation,” the company said.

It went so far as to launch a billboard campaign in Toronto and Vancouver later that month to raise awareness and direct people to a video on its website that explains why its pens were not available in Canada.

“We’re incredibly pleased to see how consumers flock to our product in California and, as a Canadian, I’m disappointed that other Canadians need to come to California to purchase our products,” dosist president Josh Campbell said last year. “It’s frustrating. It doesn’t give Canadians the best-quality products and it doesn’t allow them to control the dosage that they are taking.”

Now that the company has made it to the promised land, Canadians can find its dose pens — in bliss, rest, calm, soothe, arouse and passion formulations — at select retailers, including Fire & Flower and Tokyo Smoke. It is also planning to release the dose dial — a childproof, single dose container that delivers dissolvable 3.7 mg tablets — and a next generation version of the dose pen later this year.

Welcome to Canada.


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