All Natural Terpene Infused Vape Cartridges Made With No Vitamin E

*This video and it’s statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or ailments.

What You Need From This Video:
NugSmasher OG Basic Bundle –
NugSmasher Decarb –
NugSmasher Store –
NugSmasher Collection Plate –

In this video, we completely remaster everything we did in our original THC Vape Cartridge video. Instead of using an unnatural solvent based Wax Liquidizer and microwave for heating, we decided to give you guys what you asked for. All natural heating, with a decarb capsule and a natural and organic terpenes from Mr. Extractor.


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  1. All the carts are made in CHINA I'll pass even filling them with my own oil ..I don't trust the metals and plastics they use,,I've seen plastic carts like WTF ..I'll stick to my mini rig out and about

  2. This is the reason vaping is being attacked, Stop with this shit man. THERE IS NO SAFE WAY TO TURN ANYTHING INTO VAPE JUICE. IT ALL MAKES PEOPLE SICK> SO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. God people need to pay attention in school and about chemical bonds
    Buy a 5ml borosilicate beaker
    Dump a gram of anything but shatter (only thing ive found that won't work this way)
    Heat the shit up from the bottom carefully with a small torch until it's all liquid and just starts to boil
    You will see a small amount of smoke, that's normal
    Quickly pour right into a glass cart. Bada Bing Bada boom you got a cart. Never failed me for 6 years now with this method
    No additives, no anything except taking advantage of cannabinoids chemical structures for your own benefit
    If the oil is properly made and distilled just heat and pour into carts
    Anything else solid needs to be melted first. Practice makes perfect everyone

  4. Just fucking smoke out of a pipe dumb asses wanting to vape this shit is why vaping is getting hit and people and business owners are losing jobs. I know there's chemicals in carts like vitamin e that caused the deaths/illnesses but now people are losing so much because y'all can't just buy a pipe and chill no y'all wanna be extra while your shit is being legalized and our shit is being banned and criminalized

  5. cannabis naturally has about 5% terpenes max in flower form. Most regular carts have about the the same. don't you find it to be far too harsh?? Rosin is amazing but its just for dabs. You have to dewax to make an oil the works in a regular cartridge

  6. Uploading videos like this to is the main cause of this big flavor ban issue for e-liquid which saves lives.. I don't approve of your message.. that's my opinion and that is my 10¢

  7. Could we get a clearer and upclose video? Film was too far and I couldnt see anything of how it came out to be or how the liquid looks like inside the vape?

  8. Been in the hospital for a full week with serious lung tissue damage due to thc vaping, take this as a warning and stop now almost went into cardiac arrest/heart attacks multiple times this stuff WILL KILL YOU.

  9. What makes the difference in the liquid to being thick or thin. I keep getting thin liquid and wondering if it’s depends on the liquidizer or the type of concentrate use or ratio

  10. now this is why niggas are dying, i FULLY support vaping. just not stupid niggas like this doing D.I.Y videos like this for people to do at home its way easier too get THC carts from legal places that sell these

  11. Yeah as a regular every day vaper, its people like you and this channel promoting and even showing people how to make their own carts are the reason why people are dying from them and getting sick. Because they watch fucking videos like this and then think they're a fucking chemist and make stuff wrong and or contaminate the liquid and get sick and or die. AND!!!! it's also because of people like you and this video that my rights, my fucking god damn rights as an American citizen are being taken away and regulated almost to the point of extinction. You are taking away my flavors that have gotten me to quit cigarettes and ultimately saved my life. I'm sorry for being a dick but I am very passionate about vaping and it being a tool for people to change their lives for the better. I work in a vapeshop and have for almost ten years and I might lose my job and ability to vape because of videos like this making it easier for anyone to make and or fail making them and the consequences that follow. I'm sure you're a nice guy but seeing this in my thread pissed me right off to the point where I felt like i needed to make this comment I a negative way which i never do. But like I said, I'm just very passionate.

  12. Would I be able to go as low as 1 gram to 1/2 a milliliter if I’m using a Jupiter CCELL? I prefer my vape carts to be on the thicker side

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