Black Cannabis? Edibles, Smokables, and Terpenes to Delight, THC and CBD

This video is for education purposes only, and to delight the senses of adults who love fine cannabis.
I discuss the differences in smoking versus eating cannabis, and how the terpenes play a role (as mysterious as it is…)
I also show some amazing cannabis…which I intended to do closeups of, but the video cutoff on my camera like 1 minute before the end!!
And one is BLACK…. ‘Sirius Black” as it is called, and it is a fantastic beauty.

So if ya wanna see them close, lemme know πŸ™‚
Be well


Thanks for watching everyone- my goal here is to give information on herbs, spices, mushrooms and maybe even a few obscure substances, in the hopes of starting a dialogue, and informing people about what I know.

I have an herb website at and all my herbs are top notch. Feel free to stop by.

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Thank you for watching!


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  1. I love cannabis, if you share my passion please leave a comment and share your story. If you don't then I will come to your house and interview you for the details. Because I know y'all got details. Don't deny it

  2. I don't and have never tried weed, but find all this very interesting nonetheless. My son smoke's weed, and I get a kick out of you smelling it and praising it's many different fragrances. To me, anytime I have smelled it(from him), it smelled like a skunk was lurking in the area. I don't know if that's just when it's burned or cheap stuff or what. I think I would like to try it at some point, but I don't live in a state that even accepts it for medical purposes, so it may be awhile. Thanks for the interesting video.

  3. Hi Carpo. I have a question. I picked up a new (to me) strain called "Mob Boss". It has some very dark spots through it. Almost black. I'm no expert, but I've never seen dark spots like that before. Since you were talking about Black Weed in this video, and you are a cannabis expert, I thought you might know what's up with the dark spots. Looks good, smells good. Haven't tried it yet.

  4. VG's a nice base & a litre bottle's cheap as hell.. Oil's both edable & vapable plus you can throw the leftovers in a cake or whatever lol a good terp profile synergy's ftw always

  5. Love the information on it. We just became a medical state (MO.). I been smoking it for 40 plus years. Going to pursue the medical side of it.

    I ate some once we made brownies and did it the wrong way of course. We just ground up a 1/4 lb and put in brownie batter. That was like 30 yrs ago. We did get high as hell but nothing like where we wasn't going to do it again due to cost for the buzz. Now that I know that you need to make a disulite I would like to try it the proper way.

    Love these kind of videos. So informative on the legal side.

  6. Epic show man once michigan became medically legal I've loved it here ever since. Love growing had to stop but got a home to move into so collecting equipment now. The genetics are hard come across or people hoarding there strains 50 a clone type crap. I used to give um away grow more now I'm struggling to get 4 or 6 just to start up with something proven.

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