Buying the Best Terpene Thickening Agent for Your THC Vape Juice

Studies already prove the cannabis niche is a multibillion-dollar industry. To many, that is good news. However, to others, buying weed products can be horrifying.

With many products and retailers in the market, choosing the best buy can be a hustle.

One of the products you will meet in the market is terpene-thickening agents for THC vape juice. If you are wondering how you can land a good deal, then here is an article that helps you make the right buying decision.

Why do you need these agents?

Before you even make a purchase, it is best to uncover their purpose.

Fundamentally, it is tedious if you vape THC concentrates that way. The wax or the distillate will require extra energy to vaporize.

A thickener is suitable in such situations. What it does is to transform the concentrate into vape juice without diluting it. Besides that, if you notice that your pre-filled cartridge contains a thin e-liquid, you can add a drop or two to it to make it more substantial.

When buying the thickener, be sure that it cannot make you high. That will happen if it is a cannabis terpene only; otherwise, most of these solutions are plant extracts from fruits and other plants.

Other reasons you need these agents is to add scent and taste to your THC vape juice.

Pre- Buying decisions

It is always vital that you put specific prerequisites before buying any of these terpene thickeners. The best ones are not easy to find. That is the truth. You will have to consider several things before window-shopping:

Your THC vape juice needs

Think about the kind of THC vape juice you would like to have, the scent, the flavor, and its thickness. You do not have to consult anyone since you will make the e-liquid with your preference in mind.

By the way, if you live in an area where THC is illegal, then buying cannabis terpenes can be an issue.

Your budget

Understand that these thickeners have different prices. The affordable option is always the best. Some retailers provide a discount on your first order or shipping costs. If you want a bargain, then why not try it out. On the other hand, do not let these discounts fool you.

Window Shopping

With the above factors in mind, your next step is to do some research. You could visit various stores (both online and physical ones) to see what products in this category could fit your vaping needs best.

Online is an excellent place to do some fishing. Do not just place any product on your cart. Look around to see what other clients are saying about the products the retailers deliver. Vaping forums can also be an excellent place to find details about thickening products.

Some of the details you can be keen on when reviewing the product include how much each user had to use to get the right thickness and how long the solution lasted.

As you do your research, you will notice that most sites that sell these strains will ask for your age. They do so to keep minors from buying products that can be harmful to their bodies. Nonetheless, it should not mean that the products are harmless.

Buy from a preferred retailer

Reviews help you make a decision. The retailer you select should have a history of providing quality terpene thickeners.

Besides that, read about the ingredients used to makes these solutions. Chemical compounds such as VG and PG can be harmful to your health. Therefore, they should have less of these two in the blend.

Your retailer should be transparent enough. He or she should provide all the essential information you need about their product. The bottles should contain labels, which should include precise details about their product.

When you get home, ensure that you store them properly. If you do not want to prepare the THC vape juice immediately, the thickener should stay in an environmentally friendly location.


If you follow the tips in this article, buying the right terpene diluent flavorless thickener should not be a challenge. You can hack it whether it is your first time or not. When it comes to selecting the right flavor, it should drawdown to what you prefer. Some like it without any flavor. The infused taste or scent should also not empower the original taste of cannabis.

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