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Canadian Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Myrcene

Myrcene, also found in hops, is one of the most abundantly found terpenes in the cannabis world.

With notes of bay leaves and balsam, myrcene offers the comforting scent of a forest floor which has been said to soothe pain as this terpene has also shown promising analgesic properties.

What does this mean?

Whether you’re looking to wind down, relieve pain, or shake off stress from the week, strains with myrcene are a good place to turn.

Check out these myrcene rich strains at a dispensary near you:

Pink Kush is known for being a heavy hitting, couch-lock inducing strain with its impressively high THC average of 20%. Upon opening the product, the room can fill with strong notes of sweet juicy citrus, with notes of pine skunk in the background.

Before diving into Pink Kush, have the fridge stocked and snacks close by, as this strain is known for stimulating your appetite and putting you into euphoric sedation. New users should approach this strain with caution as a little Pink Kush goes a long way and its effects can be very hard hitting.

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Breakout the afternoon tea for this blackberry and creamy delight. Zen Berry is known to be mild and relaxing, hijacking your muscles and sending them to Zen Town.

The flavour of Zen Berry is full of blackberry, blueberry, and creamy notes with light floral touches on the palate. Just as its name suggests, this berry-licious strain is known to produce a tranquil high that envelops the mind inducing a peaceful sleep.

Find Zen Berry (Shishkaberry) Near You

Ready to slow down time and melt into your chair? Purple Chitral could be your first class ticket to relaxation.

Starting with fruity berry notes on the nose, this strain features woody undertones and has been said to improve moods with a slight case of the giggles. As the experience progresses, a mental unwind continues throughout the body until your bed starts calling. This strain is recommended for late evening and night time use.

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Tangerine Dream is a great example of busting the myth that all myrcene heavy strains are couch-lock inducing. With sweet citrus notes of orange and clementine, Tangerine Dream has been said to produce a clear-headed, happy euphoria.

Users report beautiful mental clarity paired with a deep body relaxation, making this a great daytime strain. While the effects are lovely, new users should start low and slow as Tangerine Dream can boast high THC levels.

Find Tangerine Dream Near You

With a higher CBD to THC ratio, Campfire is a great anytime strain. The effects have been said to be quite mild, producing a relaxing high with a cerebral mood enhancement.

Look for strong earthy notes with hints of pine, with the flavour reflecting these same notes. Experienced cannabis users might not feel this strain heavily with its lower THC content, but could benefit from its calming nature.

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