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Cannabis company testing its edibles

A cannabis company which has a massive greenhouse complex in East Ladner is getting closer to having the go-ahead for one of its subsidiary’s to produce a wide variety edibles.

AgraFlora Organics announced it has received the necessary research and development permission and is now creating test cannabis edibles products through its Health Canada licensed lab within a 51,000-square-foot fully-automated manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Edibles & Infusions has dialed in formulations for cannabis activated pectin and gelatin gummies, hard candy and sugar-free variants, according to AgraFlora.

Once fully running, the edibles plant plans to produce over 250,000 pieces of precisely dosed cannabis edibles per eight-hour shift.

According to AgraFlora, the facility will be operated by a roster of third generation chocolatiers/confectioners and boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment capable of producing an assortment of both cannabinoid/terpene-infused products for medicinal, functional and adult use.

The company earlier said the facility’s initial focus will be the production of THC and CBD infused gummies, which management believes will be the largest category of cannabis edibles in Canada.

It expects to have its licence to proceed with manufacturing in the coming weeks.

AgraFlora also has a partnership with the huge Houweling Nurseries complex on 64th Street in Delta, a 2.2-million-square-foot facility called the Delta Greenhouse Complex.

The Delta venture, called Propagation Services Canada, recently announced it expects to move to first harvest by the fourth quarter of this year, with the first high-potency cannabis product strains available for sale on a wholesale basis beginning next year.

The first phase of the grow operation’s cultivation strategy includes 422,828 square feet of growing space.




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