Cannabis Terpenes-Blending in distillate; It's Not that Simple…. (Watch out for the BS)

Soooooooooooooooooo……….. there seems to be a LOT of bullshiz on the market about THC, CBD, terpenes and cannabis in general.
Look, this plant is a wonder of nature. But CBD will not cure your depression overnight or stop all your pain. If it did, we would have embraced it LONG ago.
And I say this as a chronic pain patient, who has suffered sciatica for years, toothaches that you would cringe at, and a variety of ailments that at the time seemed like the end of the world.
And cannabis DID help sometimes, but did it stop all the pain? No.

And believe me, I great Harlequin-Tsunami, a 13% CBD plant, for 2 years. I made extracts, tinctures, smoked it, ate it and sublingual as well. (of course I wasn’t dumb enough to shoot it) 😀

As for the distillate and terpenes, I will let the video speak for itself.

But really, I just want to inform others to watch out for the traps.
That said, many DO benefit immensely from cannabis.
Myself included. that is not the point here obviously.
Naked ladies on cannabis packages? that MAY be part of the problem.

but not likely 😀

Cannabis is my daily reprieve… though it did take me years to realize it could cause anxiety, however, that is for another video.

be well!

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  1. Edibles are so different, can vary so much from person to vendor to strain to how they made it….This should have it's own video. Love your chats, wish I could get over the same self censure you have mentioned.

  2. Never seen those before.. Who makes them? I usually get edibles, but it is just as you say. 5mg bits. I don't need much, but Im always looking for better options, for the future. I have a friend who lives in Alabama.. And loves canabis. Its asinine that he has to fear his freedom being taken away because he has need of a plant. Or enjoys taking it. Its nuts.

  3. I'm drinkin on a Founder's Dirty Bastard 8.5%/12 oz. Bottle!!! Weed and dank beer is where it's at for me at this time in my life!!!💯🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  4. NEEDS- for us to be FREE , cannabis should be STRAIGHT UP regulated ( yes i know the last thing we need is more regulation ) The same way brewing your own beer is like.
    1) feel free grow yoyr own
    2) if you sell it you must pay small fair tax & pass clean bud check
    3) 18 or older
    THATS IT. but were jot free so thats n9t how they do it…..

  5. Great show, good help; not sure I follow all only because it's not yet been my experience to encounter. Clearly, you've got it straight. I get nauseated at artificially flavored smokes. My sister got me some "CBD" from some little old ladies down close to the border . . . ACK! It was full of alcohol, and I do not drink! No wonder the old girls got giggly . . . my sister didn't know the difference.

  6. Terpenes are not always synthetic, but even if they are natural we still have to wonder how effective they are. Is it placebo?
    Are the terps just pointing to a secondary constituent of the plant?
    We just don't know yet.
    But there's no science to say that one specific terpene is going to give you a different effect based on a scientific study.
    When you get right down to it there's not enough information. A lot of it is speculation and subjective experience.

    As always, please leave a comment if you have some input on this subject. It's A Brave New World when it comes to cannabis. I would like to think I'm on the Forefront of it all, but that means calling out BS when I see it. Personal experience does not constitute a scientific study.
    Some people are almost religious about their belief in these compounds. I like to call it like it is. And I think I have enough experience to I have a valid opinion on the subject. I've smoked a lot of weed….. but I have also done my homework

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