Cannscopic Ep 8 – Curt Robbins: Fundamentals of terpenes and cannabinoid medicine.

Curt Robbins is a technical writer, instructional designer, and compliance documentation specialist for the cannabis and hemp industries. In this interview we have a conversation with Curt, who has has contributed more than 500 articles (regarding the science, business, and medical efficacy of cannabis) to magazines and media outlets. Since 2004, he has contributed science-based educational articles to a variety of magazines and media outlets, including High Times, Cannabis Aficionado, Strainprint, Vegas Cannabis Magazine, Hemptown USA, CannaBiz Journal, MERRY JANE, MassRoots, WoahStork Learn, The Emerald Magazine, Grow Magazine,, The Kind, Skunk, Cannabis Culture, Whaxy, Heads, Weed World, Green Flower Media, Cannabis Health Journal, Green Thumb, and Treating Yourself.

We take this journey with Curt to talk about the evolution of the cannabis space and some of the basics of the endocannabinoid system and how terpenes and various cannabinoids interact with the ECS system. Please take a listen.

Helpful educational articles by Curt Robbins:
“CBG, the Mother of Cannabinoids” (white paper):
“Anandamide: The Bliss Molecule”:
“Biohacking Your Endocannabinoid System”:
“CBD Foundation Series #1: Understanding CBD & the ECS”:
“Understanding the Entourage Effect”:
Strainprint articles by Curt Robbins (40):
WoahStork articles by Curt Robbins (17; under pen name Gooey Rabinski):
Cannabis Aficionado articles by Curt Robbins (20):


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