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Canopy Growth Launches New Cannabis Product Line-Up

Canopy Growth Corporation CGC WEED unveiled a line-up of new offerings across its premium brand portfolio – 7ACRES, Ace Valley, Deep Space and Doja.

“We are continuing our commitment to product innovation, tirelessly evolving our portfolio to provide consumers with the quality and variety of products they crave,” stated Julian Cohen, chief innovation officer at Canopy Growth. “Our new infused pre-rolls from 7ACRES and first large format offering from Doja are both excellent examples of how consumer and customer insights are driving our innovation strategy. We’re excited to weave these insights and our premium product attributes into our new product releases.”


7ACRES unveiled two new premium flower offerings:

  • Lemon Zkltz 3.5g, which features light green coloration with pink pistils and dense structure, pungent and complex aromas.

  • Jack Haze Bubble Hash Infused pre-roll joints. Made using a true-to-flower infusion of Jack Haze Bubble Hash.

These products come on the heels of the Know the Grow ten-video educational content series, which provides Canadians with an inside look at the talent, genetics and grow techniques behind the 7ACRES brand and flower portfolio.

Ace Valley

The Ace Valley brand portfolio continues to expand with the release of Ace Valley Wappa 3x 0.5g pre-rolled joint which comes in new recyclable and reusable packaging and boasts a pleasant, fruity aroma and flavor. Ace Valley is expanding its vape offering with Orange Frosty Live Terp Sauce 1g 510 cartridge, offering a blend of live terp sauce, extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower, and high purity THC distillate with citrusy, sweet orange flavors.

Deep Space

In the beverage category, Deep Space released two new flavors: Orange Orbit and The Grape Unknown, with 10mg of THC in every recyclable 222ml can.


Doja introduced three new offerings for craft cannabis connoisseurs:

  • Legendary Larry, an indica-dominant strain, hang dried and hand finished, featuring mossy green and dense buds with a layer of icy trichomes and now available as a long-term offering in 3.5g of flower and 3 x 0.5g pre-rolled joints.

  • Garlic Chem 3.5g, an indica-leaning hybrid strain available for a limited time only, featuring dense and colorful buds that possess a gassy and garlic combination of aromas and flavors.

  • 91K 14g, which emits a deep, dank terpene profile that includes myrcene, linalool and limonene, and is the brand’s first premium large format offering for the recreational market.

In the meantime, Canopy Growth are also closing ESG unit in its round of cost-cutting layoffs, as reported by mjbizdaily.

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