CBD Vape Tips

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Some useful tips for those of you who want to vape CBD:

1. While vaping is definitely better than smoking, you need to consider the base of the vape oil. Vape oil or as it is often called, eliquid/ejuice, is usually in a base of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). You want to avoid the PG because it can be toxic when it’s heated.

Great article on this topic:

2. You may not be getting the benefits of the entourage effect of using multiple cannabis compounds together when you vape CBD. Most CBD vape products contain only CBD isolate, as opposed to other cannabinoids and terpenes.

3. Some CBD tinctures can also be used in a vaporizer. But don’t assume that ANY CBD oil or tincture can be vaped! Check with the company who makes your CBD oil or tincture if it can be also vaped. If they say yes, ask them what kind of specific vaporizer you would need to vape the CBD oil.

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  1. Thanks bro for your video ! and very cool tips ! , ! !!! you are right, there is some basic stuff to know when vaping, and quality of CBD is important too ! Nulef does great product for sure ! I will order some for my back pain and for my gf anxiety !
    I also buy on , you know them? good brands and they only work with quality verified brands , i use them a lot !

  2. There's also CBD wax (the kind I have is broad spectrum) and other concentrates that can be vaped with a dab pen. That is my favorite way to take it because you only need a few drags to get the benefits of CBD as well as the entourage effect since the wax is potent.

  3. hi I currently vape a cbd iso because I was told the full spectrum contains thc is this correct. I need to know because of my job?

  4. I'm currently vaping CBD right now and I just want to sleep all day and not go to work.

  5. I bought a product on impulse I hope its good they have been speaking to me the company but said they not got lab results 30percent for £40 , meant to be £55 full spectrum but its in a 10ml bottle, they also do 10 and 15 percent.
    I HOPE ITS GOOD to say no lab results but i dont see why theyd produce shit they obvs want customers right?

  6. I need to vape as i metabolize the tinctures and other meds fast, also im quitting smoking weed so its more to replace the taste plus i be gdtting cannabinoids

  7. Don't listen to this bullshit by CBD isolate powder. It is pure CBD mix it in their favorite Vape juice and use a badass sub ohm atomizer it will work wonders it is safe it's actually the best way to get the effects from CBD

  8. Can you vape cbd on watt mode or only on tc mode?

    I read that on watt mode u must be under 3.7v and not more than 25watts so u dont burn the cbd.

    In temp mode 180c is for cbd.

    I dont understand if cbd makes its use on temp mode only why ppl use watt so can i use watt mode?

    I now have a zeus rta sub ohm at 0.30 ohms but i am thining to switch to an mtl rta for cbd use only.

  9. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  10. PG is the chemical that breaks down cbd in the blood
    Vg is the chemical that promotes the pain killing effect in cbd when in a vape form
    Cbd is the part of cannabis closest to the bodies natural ebd system so is universally acknowledged as the safest part of the plant
    Thc is the part of cannabis that gets you high and may make you sick if took in too strong a dosage but if counter acted by cbd can be as safe as any other pain killing drug

  11. You're uninformed on PG safety. Look into temperature control and the value of a single red herring scientific study.

  12. Why would anyone vape CBD?? Keep in mind, you might be vaping oil into the lungs..yummy 🤫 besides, what good is it without THC ?
    Just buy a bong and use the real😅 Ps..Don’t forget to use Spring water🤣

  13. I didn't even know 100% VG based CBD eliquids existed. I was under the impression you needed PG to dissolve the CBD into?

  14. How many hits does it take? Is it like just 1 hit or 10 hits?… Is there such thing as taking too many hits? I have the H-Priv 2.

  15. I just saw that Bluebird botanicals cbd vape oil has that harmful ingredient. I’m confused of why you would link them to purchase from them? I have cbd oil that has PEG as an ingredient and im just trying to purchase a good product. Please can you recommend any?

  16. THE COMPANY IS CALLED CTFO.The revolution of CBD oil has arrived totally legal and available for your healing, Doctors for years have sworn by the effects of cannabis as a treatment for a multitude of ailments and now with the THC removed it is available for your use. Forbes says CBD Oil is Going to Be a Billion Dollar Industry by 2020 Whose Interested in Selling It??.
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  17. Anything heated up to extreme temps isn’t good. PG article about formaldehyde is one single study that was small and biased. It’s nonsense. Any mod will never heat up to the extremes that causes the combustion. Also no caper would be able to handle the burnt taste and you’ll recognize it right away.
    PG is fine to inhale. It’s in hospital nebulizers. Vick’s children’s products as well. All VG can gunk up your coils. Should have a more educated positions before posting rather than single studies.

  18. Fucking faggot for actually uploading this shit you just inhale and exhale fucking faggot ass white boy! If you don't want to vape then dont.

  19. Sorry to tell you bud but you’re buddies vape pg as well. Unless they make it themselves ALL E-LIQUID has pg mixed. They may vape max vg liquid but still has pg. DO SOME RESEARCH AND EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE TRYING TO “EDUCATE” OTHERS!!

  20. The PG thing is wrong, sounds like your friends use sub ohm, which using high PG would be harsh, even so it will still have some pg in anyway as it works better for flavour concentrates than VG. If we should not inhale PG because it is toxic, well everyone would be unwell as it's used in air conditioning, it is also used in supermarkets to give that bread smell in the bakery. I myself vape and also work in a vape shop. CBD e-liquid (oil does not go in an e- cigarette) should be used in a non sub ohm/ mouth to lung device which work better with PG. Using a MTL kit means you will have more control over the amount used, (sub ohm creates more vapor which would mean each inhale is a larger amount of CBD )
    Another thing to look at is bottle size, CBD is dosed, so a 10ml bottle with 500mg is stronger than a 100ml bottle with 500mg, it is different than nicotine which is a percentage. 500mg per 10ml is as high as you can get before the compound becomes unstable and separates.

  21. VG can also produce acrolein when heated. I'm sorry, but PG and VG are equally safe. PGs are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA. Stop scaring people. VG is no better than PG

  22. PG being toxic is pure unadulterated BS! Been vaping (e-liquids) for 8 years. Mind you I don't sub-ohm. Please verify your data. It might come from sub-ohming!

  23. Just started using Cannavape CBD vape juice. I ordered the 1000mg but they sell in increments from 100mg up. I'm liking it!

  24. I just started vaping CBD yesterday. I purchased the KOI 500mg CBD and using a SMOK Stik V8 Baby. The CBD is Isolate and 60vg/ 40pg. Wished I knew what you just mentioned. Can you tell me what CBD brand you use or recommend and what device you recommend to vape it.