Dabbing – An Introduction to Terpene Profiles By Tom Peterson

First of all:
1. Be of Legal age to purchase and use THC
2. Buy Legally via State Licensed Dispensaries
3. DO NOT Purchase any CBD or THC products on the black market

What is a Terpene Profile?
1. The terpene profile (within a strain of cannabis) is the combination of individual terpenes and the percentage of each, that provides the molecular makeup of each cannabis strain. It’s the chemical fingerprint or “chemotype” if you will, of each and every cannabis variety.
2. It`s what gives each strain its distinctive taste, flavor and smell.
3. It can also determine the type of high or feelings you may experience, as well as the duration and magnitude of your feelings and/or high.
*There are 150-200 various terpenes that have been identified in the cannabis plant.

What are the best practices to insure maximum benefit when Dabbing?
1. Utilize concentrates / extracts with high terpene content
2. Take good care of them!!
3. Do NOT overheat them!!
4. Use the appropriate Dab Rig / Device for best results
5. Study and get to know the Terpene Profiles of various strains
6. Pay Attention and note the results that YOU experience

Why will Terpene Profiles vary within the same strain?
1. Growth environment (ie, indoor, outdoor, lighting, etc.)
2. Soil, temperature, hydration, etc.
3, Genetic crossover and mutation
4. The Drying & Curing process
5. Transportation, Handling & Storage

Understand the Temperature that works Best for each Terpene
1. Myrcene Boiling Point: 334 Degrees
2. Limonene Boiling Point: 349 Degrees
3. Linalool Boiling Point: 388 Degrees
4. Carryophylene Boiling Point: 320 Degrees
5. Pinene Boiling Point: 311 Degrees
6. Terpenolene Boiling Point: 365 Degrees
7. Humulene Boiling Point: 388 Degrees

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Customize Your Own Cannibus Strain

We do not promote the use of any illegal substances, and we recognize that abstinence is always the best approach when it comes to your health…and life.
Nor, do we promote or claim that any particular method of inhaling cannabis is completely safe. Inhaling anything other than oxygen carries risks.
This is strictly an educational video providing information and awareness to help reduce possible harm or risk associated with inhaling cannabis via the many methods utilized today.


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