Empire extracts cannabis derived terpenes review


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  1. I have distillate. I am trying to liquify it to vape. What can I use? I have vg, pg, peg400, and terps. Any help please?

  2. thanks man i knew i wasn't tripping , i ordered he trainwreck terpenes with their 1 gram cbd isolate and i had the same taste from both products im glad i didnt waste any more money than i already have

  3. I been buying from everywhere and most of my terps I hate and don’t even use some smell exactly the same with different names all costing me a fortune WHERE can I get good flavor cannabis derived terps

  4. Thanks for slamming people trying to sell FAKE SHIT and ripping people off!
    Looks like u have tried all the ones I have, what ur Vote on the best so Far?

  5. CBD oil is beneficial for efficient working of our body. It’s natural as well as a non-addictive and safe way to treat these conditions.