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  1. Green crack has been around a while one of my favorite party strains and it gets it name bc it’s weed and it FUCKS YOU UP(original strain is loaded with THC)

  2. I have a question for you. How would you compare mystic roots and canna comforts too your main choice of cbd flower? I use starseed botanicals, but I like there prices and choices. If you order from starseed, coupon code DROATS will get you a really goid discount if you want to try there stuff. I love love it. It blows cbdhempdirect away, even though I love cbd direct because there flower makes the best oils. I love low thca levels. I wish I could find strand with no thc and thca. Not even the 3mg a gram. Do you know any strands like that? I know starseeds p19 does, but I like different terpene profiles to. Sorry I just subscribed, I been watching your videos for a while now. You were one of the first reviewers on these kind of products.

  3. Man you need that dry herb vaporizer…….I had issues with heart burn and smoking would make it worse so I got a dry herb vaporizer. It's so much easier on the lungs and throat and everything….

  4. I go to a website called the Terpene store and they have 98 cannabis terpenes and working on more. They also have CBD Isolate that are infused with Terpenes. Can you do a review on them?

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