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TACOMA, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2021 / Greenlink International, Inc. (OTC PINK:WSHE) (Greenlink), a brands, Technology and real estate company operating in the legal Hemp and Cannabis space announced today that they have launched their new Suncliff CBD+Frostingâ„¢, allowing CBD and other cannabinoids to be applied in a novel application to foams and textiles across a wide range of industries.

In a coordinated effort with multiple labs and chemical engineers, Greenlink has created a Surface Infused Technology (SIT) formula that has big implications for the sleep industry. This innovative formula is antimicrobial, cooling, and allows for custom blends with targeted applications of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. Greenlink International Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of cannabinoid extractions and the use of terpenes to create unique user experiences for over a decade. The latest innovation is a significant development for companies in the sleep and bedding industry, but more importantly, the consumer will have a new line of wellness products to consider.

Citing the mental and physical strain consumers have been facing over the last two years, Greenlink focused on the power of cannabinoids to support mental health and physical wellness by specifically targeting sleep.


Greenlink CEO, Jake George commented, “Our full line of sleep and wellness products are hyper-focused on helping consumers reduce anxiety and get a deep night’s rest. This takes it to the next level.”

“We have the luxury of hand selecting the brands we want to partner with,” continues George, “to ensure the customer experience is of the highest quality and efficacy.”

Greenlink anticipates multiple products including pillows and mattresses using Suncliffâ„¢ formulas to be showcased throughout the sleep industry’s World Market Tradeshow in Las Vegas, January 2022.

All Greenlink Inc. product offerings are third-party lab-verified to be 100% THC-Free and represent the highest standards of science, innovation, user experience, compliance, and customer service.


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GreenLink, a Colorado corporation based in Washington State, is a public quoted OTC Markets issuer under the ticker symbol “WSHE.” The Company is a diversified holding company with operating segments in investment, equipment, technology, brands, textiles and real estate that are leased or licensed to legally compliant CBD and cannabis entities.

GreenLink’s subsidiary and partner companies possess key competitive strengths and/or leading market positions. Greenlink is committed to becoming a global leader in the hemp and legal cannabis markets. GreenLink will continue to leverage decades of experience in the hemp and cannabis industry to expand existing operations and develop partnerships across a wide range of industries.

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