Grow Talk 693 Dark Period Before Harvest, Terpenes And Carbon Filters, & Worm Castings Brands


The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Getting Into Worm Casting Brands With Jeremy Silva From  Check Out The Rest Of The Interview With Him Later Today To Find Out Everything About Worm Castings.  Also Find Out The Science Behind Harvesting During A Dark Period And If Carbon Filter Effect Terpene Production At All. Also What Can Be Causing A Well Watered Plant To Be Going Half Limp And More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk 

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  1. Thanks to Jeremy; you can find quality products and services on anything needed for organic probioticly grown crops. I remember when I first started using GroKashi. It was difficult to find. When googled all you could find was breakfast cereal. carries everything you'll need to grow. I believe he's even selling gorilla grow tents. Also a very helpful fella who work's hard & treats folks exactly the way he wants to be treated. I'm proud to call him a Brother. Check them out folks. You won't be disappointed. If anything you might even learn something from these greenthumbs

  2. its good to see some vids still making it to the tube. will catch them when I see them. id catch the podcast but just isn't my thing other than the occasional tad hussey episodes but anyways thanks for the occasional vid.

  3. Why did the intro song get cut short I love that song if it was available on touchtunes I'd play it all the time at my local bar. smokin' and growin' and watching prohibition fall down, cheers love what y'all do

  4. Wait a minute… If the terps have volatilized and are already in the air doesn't that mean they've already left the plant? So how can scrubbing them from the air affect the plant? Wouldn't best practice be to optimize grow conditions to reduce volatilization???

  5. There's about 30min of Jeremy breaking down earthworm castings. Too much for one show. Guru is producing the full segment to be released soon. I learned a lot. Great to have Jeremy in the DGC!

  6. I'm trying to figure out the proper mixture rate for rabbit manure compost apparently it's very similar to worm castings because they both will not burn your roots pretty much if you guys could help me out with pointing me in the right direction of poops would be great

  7. "GiMMe 2 Utah GiMMe 2" lol epic movie quote. I definitely believe there has always been dank out there like the soaring heart pounding sativas or the indicas so strong narcotic feeling that people throw up lol dam rookies lol jkn just easy to find now days. Those bud shots looked really badass always love the nug porn. Dark period harvesting is my preference too for many reasons. CHeeRZ Gentleman

  8. Good morning DGC! Loving the weekend shows and the consistent new content. Can’t wait to kick it with the crew again! I miss y’all! Cheers everybody! ✌🏼🌞💧🌱🌴🔥💨😂

  9. I bet that plant has “the bark disease”….stops the flow to that branch….looks like a bruise …overwatering or humid weather brings it out….isolated neem treatment sometimes helps .. best to cut the infection away…believe its in the leaves… falls and spreads to the soil..think its a fungus infection…year 2 fighting it…
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Gotta say, kinda disappointed….
    You guys talkin bout Biobizz on grow talk. While I have a grow question about Biobizz…
    Just sayin it would have been a great segue into my question! Lol

  11. Rasta Jeff has genetics that tested over 35% thc.
    A dispensary in Albuquerque NM called Organtica grew it a while back.
    Don't member the strainn though.

  12. You guys might find this interesting. I worked on a farm that would give the animals melatonin and they would sleep more, even though the sun was still shining the animals were sleeping and therefore shortened their photoperiod

  13. We just did a show on castings the night before last, on Embracing Organics. You guys should check out Colorado worm company, build a soil is distributing for them.

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