High Level Overview of Terpenes – Cannabis 101 – (Video 1)

Cannabisque 101 – A high level look into the science behind cannabis
1. Terpenes
2. Cannabinoids
3. DNA and Ratios (The Surprising look at how your DNA plays a big role in your experience with cannabis)

Created for educational purposes
Join me as we take a high-level look into cannabis.
The goal is not to memorize plant compounds or to even know how to pronounce each of them correctly upon completion, but to understand more of the science behind HOW the plants’ compounds work with the human body and how they work with each other.

This series will continue to build and enlighten viewers on the “bigger picture”
continuing to update you on where science is today and what it means to YOU!

Contents used in my video are not intellectual property but are public-facing online and used in my videos to help illustrate topics or concepts from a more relatable perspective.

Cannabis and scientific research is an ongoing process where they are continuing to learning more and more each day. It is my goal to help you stay in the know.
So stick with me on my journey, I have more videos coming!


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