Highest Quality Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Yes, their elegant vapor tastes like freshly picked blueberries, not the kind that have spent their lives floating in a can, but the wild ones, hand-picked in Maine. Those little tiny blueberries, sharp, acerbic and briefly sour against my tongue are what I’m describing. That’s what the delicious cannabis vapor from Sonder tastes like to me. Each puff comes smoothly nappied with tiny shavings of cedar and thick pools of lemon curd followed by dense shovelfuls of richly textured loam.

Sonder uses natural cannabis terpenes in their high quality oil cartridges, also known as 510 carts. So many 510 cartridges on the market have lost touch with basic reality by using artificial scents and the oil themselves, sold overly sweet, not tasting like the plant, but candy. I don’t even want to discuss what some bad player do to extend their liquid THC. Not so with Sonder.

Their terroir is unique to the place where they grow the exceptional cannabis for their oil carts. In this case they use Emerald Triangle sungrown cannabis. In simple words, they use the finest kind.

Just what I seek. The finest flowers concentrated into an easily enjoyed oil. An oil that doesn’t smell sticky sweet. Natural flavors and aromatics of the sunshine and daydreams. (Helpful click)

I was rightfully impressed by more than just the aromatics and the flavors of my Sonder oil cart. The effect is most delicious. It takes about three or four minutes to hit me, from my extremities inward, the feeling is euphoric and relaxing, Their packaging offers simple, easy to follow directions on what to do.

First, charge the battery.

Then attach the oil cart to the proprietary-designed battery.

Then, place the battery with the oil cart attached to your lips.

Inhale gently for about two seconds, you can do more, but start slow- like Thai Food!

Hold the vapor in your lungs for about three seconds, or more if you like.

Exhale and appreciate the lovely flavors as you do.

The stone comes on very graciously, gently, kind, enjoyable, smile inducing. You feel happy, content, wise and bemused. The strain I received was Blue Dream, a hybrid strain, the combination of Blueberry and Haze, it’s not sleepy at all, but deeply enlightening. I felt relaxed, yet crisp and able to write. Of course listening to the good old Grateful Dead opens all minds! That’s how I spent my afternoon, smiling, writing, Sonder. Thank you.

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