Hippie Talks – Terpenes Part VI – Pinene

Let’s talk Terp’s friends – our wonderful smelly tastey friends

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  1. Hey Gord, thanks for this video. These turpene vids are so informative.

    Today's a good day. Got fantastic sleep last night. Now it's snowing hard again here but I'm feeling ok. (Usually I just want to hibernate when the weather throws us a curve.) I hope you are doing well.

  2. There's some people who say there's no difference between Indica and Sativa But I feel Completely different if i use Sativa im jittery and nervous do you have an opinion on that some also say its all about the terpenes not the strain 😁🇨🇦👍🇨🇦✌

  3. This so-called “entourage effect” refers to this scrum of compounds supposedly working in concert to create what Chris Emerson describes as “the sum of all the parts that leads to the magic or power of cannabis.” Emerson is a trained chemist and the co-founder of a designer marijuana vaporizer products company called Level Blends. Product designers like him believe they can create THC vaping mixtures tuned with different concentrations of each terpene and cannabinoid for specialized effects.

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