How is Hemp Flower Extracted?

The market of hemp flowers is growing so fast that various CBD companies are moving toward it. Talking about the quality of the highest cannabinoid content then the hemp flower Oregon will come on the top. One more question is arising about the hemp flower, and that is how they are extracted.

Various types of CBD extraction can be used, but each has its own pros and cons. The most important factor that defines the extraction is the equipment that is used for the hemp direct flower extraction as it’s very expensive. Here we have discussed mainly the CO2 extraction and the ethanol extraction of the hemp flower.

CO2 Extraction of Hemp Flower

In this hemp extraction, the pressurized CO2 is used for extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp flower. This extraction method is further subdivided into the subcritical and supercritical, which basically refers to adjusting the pressure of CO2 that will eventually change the solvency power. Extraction is called supercritical when the temperature is above 880 F and pressure is above 1083 psi. However, extraction will be subcritical when the temperature drops below 880 F, and CO2 turns into its liquid form.

In both of these methods, CO2 will separate the cannabinoids from the hemp flower when we talk about which extraction gives a higher amount of usable CBD extract than its supercritical CO2 extraction. With subcritical extraction, you will get a lower yield of CBD extract, but they will have a good cannabinoid profile. To do these both processes, you must have expensive equipment along with the experienced professional who can extract hemp direct flower efficiently.

Benefits of Using CO2 Extraction

  • It is a cost-effective process of extraction.
  • It can be easily customized for the preservation of optimal terpene.
  • No residual products will be left after the finished product is extracted.
  • The CO2 extraction process is a scalable and automated one.

Drawbacks of Using CO2 Extraction

  • To handle the machine required for CO2 extraction requires training.
  • The extraction rate of this process is slower.

Ethanol Extraction Method

One can also use high-grade alcohol for the extraction of hemp direct flower apart from using CO2. You can say that this method of extraction is a more affordable one rather than the CO2 extraction. Since ethanol is the class 3 risk solvent, then it means it has low toxicity which eventually makes it the safest solvent to use for the extraction of the CBD.

Like in the CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction also has two subparts, and they are supercooled and room temperature. By using the warm or room temperature ethanol extraction method, more waxes and pigments can be preserved from the CBD hemp flower. However, the supercooled or chilled ethanol will destroy most of the terpenes as well as it is the most affordable way to do the extraction.

Benefits of Using Ethanol Extraction

  • This process is inexpensive than the previous one because the equipment is not costly.
  • The extraction of the hemp flower can be done at fast speed.
  • Less power is consumed in this process than the CO2 extraction process.

Drawbacks of Using Ethanol Extraction

  • More residue will be left as the end product, which means more processing is required.
  • Even when the ethanol is non-toxic, it is highly inflammable, that is why it requires more precaution during extraction.

Now, it’s your decision, which process of extraction you use. The decision depends on your need as well as your budget along with the type of end product you want from the extraction of hemp flowers. If you wish to buy hemp flower Oregon, then you can visit the website of Dr. Strains CBD, which is famous for their best quality hemp flowers.

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