How to Make Terpenes eJuice with Wax, Shatter and Rosin: Cannabasics #111

Learn How to Make Terpenes eJuice with Wax, Shatter and Rosin today on Cannabasics Episode 111. Sponsored by Terps USA

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  1. I know you might not see however great videos and is it a juice that burns easily, my experience with “wax liquidizer” would make all my carts burn even if it’s only on the lowest setting, and I have tried wick Carts and c-cell, both do the same thing, I use the exact recipe they call for and I’ve experimented aswell and same burnt results either way have a nice day 🐛

  2. I like em super thick! To the point where you can't even see the air bubble move it's so concentrated lol 🙂 Now that's how it's suppose to be if you ask me lol.

  3. Wait…what??? What is that liquid terpenes stuff? I've been living in a non medical state for the last 4 years…I'm missing out on all the new stuff 😖

  4. Stop making these videos. I know they are an easy sponsor. But don't lie to your audience and teach them how to make garbage grade carts. Diluent is shit. Terps are one thing. But you need distillate. You can't make good carts with shatter. Ever

  5. TL;DR
    You should consider mixing in a non silicon(PTFE/glass) container, as terpenes are acidic and silicon doesn't do well with the natural acid in terpenes.

    A leaching effect takes place, switching cannabinoids and terpenoids with silicon in your dabs.
    That's why you'll never see something terpy on parchment, eats through the silicon sprayed layer and the paper absorbs the product.
    Granted there's silicon gaskets in every e juice cart out there (looked for PTFE gaskets for carts but they don't exist ….yet), but at least this way you minimize the silicon to terpene exposure to your product.

    P.s. Love this channel and these video's! They've inspired me to make great edibles over the years. Great work and glad you're channel is still here! Thanks for everything!

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