18+older. Thank you to Dab Marino 710 on instaslam for sending me these terps. Terpene is defined by Any of a large group volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants especially conifers and citrus trees they are based on a cyclic molecule having the formula c10 h16. Terpenes are in our chronic, there are good terpenes and bad terpenes. What we have here are terps isolated from the Jack Herer strain and from the Larry OG strain. Each has their own unique smell and flavor and if you dip a dab onto the oil it will make your dab taste like the terps!! So you can basically change the smell and taste of oil and food if you want. You could make a terpee slurpee and be drinking your favorite strain! The terps are ale flavor and smell, no thc so you don’t get high from the terps! What would you do with some liquid terps??? ENJOY!!!

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  1. I hate how you started this video took me 3 times to actually give it a chance take it down a notch lol

  2. How can I send you some items foe review? Eould lile your take on it. Been watching your vids for a while. Keep it up

  3. Ive been doing CBD FLOWER reviews, if ya geta chance stop by my channel and check them out, Im doi g a 1000 suscriber five away so maybe ya might be into entering to win…

  4. Someone might've already said this but turning off the auto-focus will help the video be less distracting.

  5. You hit that Green crack before you made this vid. Huh. They didn't tell you they forgot the green or, and it was str8 up CRACK. Ya only add this crap if ya have horrible product, and looking to scam

  6. Iv never watched any of your videos, I love the enthusiasm and energy you project. I think you can refine the delivery a little and you will be golden. Like the timing and duration of how your delivering said energy./

  7. You just opened a USPS box with the addresses on it and took out illegal marijuana. The USPS is Federal.. I would take this video down.

  8. Hey man cool video , I had a question about the CO2 extracted oil you buy from dispensaries in the vape pen cartridges. Do you think they are safe? Reason I ask is cause I read that news article about 100’s of people pretty ill & 3 died in Minnesota from some kind of synthetic oil with rat poison in it. I’ve been smoking the CO2 oil for a month now and not gonna lie it freaks me out reading about that shit in the news.

  9. you have a misson now you have no choice but to grt every dip able and dip em all i wanna see a video were yoy get a 100 layars of different dip turps that shit would taste so weird

  10. I don't understand how anyone, yet 1.5M people could watch this fucking idiot! I wanted to punch him the damn mouth as soon as he opened it! JESUS CHRIST!

  11. Would it be difficult to put terps on bud? Like you use so little so would it be hard to mix it around? Would there be any reason to put terps on bud in the first place?

  12. be careful terp mixing… examine what terpenes grow in particular cannabis varietals and align any terp mixes with those profiles… for example- sativa is mostly d-limonene etc… and indica myrcene.. so- mixing a limonene in a myrcene indica could get weird

  13. where you go to school, weed college , I smoked weed for more than 20 years and never seen , or heard of these , he looks like a scientist and where did all that smoke come from

  14. Should make a custom intro with the same thing you doin – You'll maybe find it easier? Well, i get that you want to connect tho

  15. So terprns can be added to shit weed or oil and at least it tastes good mabey it will trick you brain into being high.

  16. Terps leesen effects of THC as your body has to process a separate them from cannabinoids
    Terps other than aroma therapy have no psychoactive effects what's so ever nor does it make it more potent or last longer. They are in essence useless