LIQUID TERPS!!!!!!!!!!!

18+older. We have some fire TERPS here from Empire Wellness! TERPS (terpene) are super enhancers of flavor and smell. We have 5 different strain derived terps to choose from but there are many more at Empire Wellness. We first take some Grand Daddy Purple and mix it with some peppermint tea for some TERP TEA!! The flavor is delicious and not too strong of weed but plenty to let you know you are drinking weed. We next take a joint of OG and drip some Hardcore OG terps on it for an enhanced flavor profile! You can add terps to almost anything to add or change the flavor and smell! Hash, cbd crystals, bho, drinks, edibles, weed, terpy slurpees and many more possibilities! We finally take a fire dab of clementine from csneaks and drop pineapple express terps right on for a superterpdab! ENJOY!!!

Check out the many flavors of terps and more at


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  1. Bro Empire weillness is '' Bunko '' .Β PLEASEΒ DO NOT BUY . this shit is bad for ur lungs and I paid for this crap. good AdversizzzzzmentΒ  what happened to the WORLD WIDE W&B. THATS REAL SHIT . Cmon JolieΒ  ,.,

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