Make your own High Viscosity Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges with Terpenes

Watch us turn shatter into a high concentrate thc vape oil with only terpenes as an additive – no MCT, VG or PG required to dilute the oil.

Watch us make 50:50 CBD/THC cartridges using CBD isolate:

See our video regarding working with rosin:

Using terpene blends from Terpene Botanicals:
and ceramic coil cartridges from Jupiter Research:

In this video we decarboxylate the cannabis oil – that step is sometimes unnecessary if the oil is already of a more fluid viscosity and isn’t hard and brittle like shatter. In cases where decarboxylation is unnecessary, simply heating the oil to 80-90 celsius will get the material fluid enough to blend in terpenes and fill cartridges.


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  1. I had a problem with true terpenes there product made some of my shatter like sugar up clogging my coils looking like it turned to sand separating so is de carb a way to avoid this?

  2. Is the decarbing any different if I'm using live Rosin? Are there any "neutral" terpene profiles I could use? I'm extracting live Rosin and basically want the cleanest "cut" I can get to get it to an ecig juice.

  3. If I were to use less concentratre than you say around 1 g, would the heating time still be the same? Do you recomend doing smaller batches as this?

  4. Do you have any samples? These look dope but I'm hesitant to make my vape cartridges with something I found on the Internet. All my local shops from dispos to glass shops have either no idea what I'm talking about or don't have anything to make cartridges with.

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