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NEW YORK, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Introducing Radioâ„¢, a brand of thoughtfully-formulated CBD remedies that aid in relief, resilience and recovery to inspire overall wellness and balance for everyone. With a unique approach that harnesses nature’s finest ingredients to craft the most potent formulations on the market, Radio™ offers a comprehensive collection of finely-tuned, efficacious and innovative products that make CBD more accessible and digestible to all, enriching lives both personally and professionally with every dose.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Radio™ opted to move forward with its launch of functional Hemp Extract Tinctures, seeing it more as an opportunity to educate consumers and highlight the many healing properties of CBD. Through the utilization of botanical terpenes and proprietary formulas, each Radio™ product features enhanced effects to help relieve discomfort, improve rest, manage stress, increase focus and more.

“We’ve identified, through our years of experience in the industry,” says Josh Koerber, Radio™ Founder and CEO, “that the primary reasons consumers use hemp extract products are for improved rest, stress relief, and to aid with discomfort. Until recently, it’s been difficult for consumers to know how much to take or where to begin depending on what ails them. Radioâ„¢ is here to make the decision easy, take the guesswork out of where to begin your hemp extract journey, and deliver the results so many people desperately need.”

Designed to alleviate your most pressing ailment, Radio’s™ Terpene Blend tinctures are each functionally-formulated to instill a sense of balance during daily life: focus (Lazer), pain relief (Edge Off), stress (Easy Now) and sleep (Sign Off).

In addition to the tinctures, Radio™ rounds out the collection with two products that focus more on the brand’s lifestyle attributes: The Spot Therapy Relief Balm and Foresight. The former works to ease muscle discomfort and soothe skin, while the latter is a state-of-the-art nootropic capsule that promotes optimal operation – from memory to mood – while protecting eyes from harmful blue light damage.   

The full collection features:

  • Lazer: Focus Terpene Blend ($74.99) Formulated with a proprietary blend of terpenes derived from orange, hops, pine, jasmine, and citronella to boost energy and concentration throughout the day
  • Edge Off: Relief Terpene Blend ($74.99) Formulated with a proprietary blend of terpenes derived from hops, orange, ho wood, and chamomile to ease internal discomfort
  • Easy Now: Stress Terpene Blend ($74.99) Formulated with a proprietary blend of terpenes derived from orange, chamomile, hops and cardamom to promote relaxation and ease
  • Sign Off: Rest Terpene Blend ($74.99) Formulated with a proprietary blend of terpenes derived from lavender, chamomile, hops, lemongrass, ho wood, orange, pine and jasmine that promotes a natural deep rest for faster recovery
  • Spot Therapy: Relief Balm ($34.99) Formulated with essential oils such as palo santo, texas cedarwood and grapefruit, Spot Therapy’s woodsy-citrus fragrance provides a soothing, aromatherapy effect while the terpene and hemp blend aids in discomfort relief, leaving muscles soothed and skin soft to the touch.
  • Foresight: ($59.99) An innovative capsule packed with clinical levels of nootropic ingredients to promote high-level cognitive functioning during all aspects of life. Built to enhance mood, increase energy, boost memory and cognition, the formula also includes a special ingredient that protects eyes from the damaging effects of blue light.

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About Radioâ„¢: As a brand we understand our essence is our utility. The greatest reason for our existence is our usefulness to others. Our utility will be defined by how we harness nature’s vast usefulness to create remedies of relief, resilience, and recovery. It is our greatest objective to put forth a brand of products that delivers beautifully on it’s own purpose. By design we will improve the daily lives for our customers. In creating something that’s use is truly worth believing in we in-turn help others maximize their own usefulness, to themselves and the world around them.

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