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The end of the year is a time for reflection, and with all that looking back comes a torrent of best-of lists. What if you’re more of a forward-looking person, though? This time of year, just before the start of a brand new trip around the sun, is also perfect for looking ahead at what’s to come.

Here are a five locally available strains that you are likely to see on best-of lists a year from now — for those of you who want to be able to say, “I smoked that before it was cool.”


Phat Panda products are all the rage everywhere it seems, but especially at The Vault on Spokane’s South Hill, and these days Phat Panda’s Trophy Wife takes top honors. This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of The Wife and Cherry Wine and presents a skunky smell but sweet flavor. It’s a mood-enhancer when dosed properly, but take care with it because at higher doses its sedative side comes on strong. The Vault • 2720 E. 29th Ave.


“My current favorite smoke is probably Budwise’s Wedding Cake,” says Austin Larsen, supervisor at Cinder Spokane Valley. “It’s full-flavored and smooth-smoking, very stoney. Won’t necessarily knock you out, but it won’t make you feel wired or jittery. It’s an awesome blend of chill and creative, perfect for a quiet evening at home or kickin’ it with some friends.”

Wedding Cake is a hybrid strain with a solid punch of around 24 percent THC and limonene as its dominant terpene. Cinder Spokane Valley • 1421 N. Mullan Ste. B • Cinder Downtown Spokane • 927 W. Second Ave. • Cinder North Spokane • 6010 N. Division St.


An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Chem 91 and the always popular Animal Cookies, the Animal Gas offerings from Freddy’s Fuego are true to their name and light on the brakes. At just under 24 percent THC, this chemical and gasoline-smelling strain is a go-to for those looking for the most euphoric of highs from Royals Cannabis on Division. While there might be no brakes, it’s not all gas, either. A strong limonene presence among the strain’s terpenes helps to cut the automotive smell with refreshing citrus notes. Royals Cannabis • 7115 N. Division St.


The Green Nugget on Francis offers two varieties of Slymer grown by Smokey Point Productions, a sugar wax and an infused pre-roll. This concentrate-friendly sativa is one of the rare strains to have terpinolene as its most dominant terpene. Terpinolene helps contribute to the fresh and fruity aroma of Slymer and is thought to contribute to its uplifting effects. The infused pre-roll is a great way to go for those looking to enjoy concentrates without investing in all of the equipment needed for wax. The Green Nugget • 322 E. Francis Ave.


Sometimes you need to look back before you can look forward, and Greenhand on Monroe is a great place to do just that with their multiple offerings of indica-dominant hybrid Do-Si-Dos. Named Strain of the Year 2021 by cannabis publication Leafly, Do-Si-Dos will surely have a continued impact well into 2022 and beyond. Born in Portland, Oregon, less than a decade ago, Do-Si-Dos has become a big hit in the cannabis scene thanks to its powerful flavors and strong effects. The brilliant purple, green and gold buds covered with sticky trichomes don’t hurt the strain’s case, either. Greenhand • 2424 N. Monroe St. ♦

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