Steam distilled cannabis essential oil NOT THC-Terpenes! only.

This is an extraction from bud for the essential oil. Not THC this is for the flavor, not sure what I’m going to do with it. I did this because people on the internet say it can’t be done.That’s lame, so If you think you should try something and you go on stoner forums, for even remotely decent information, only to end up disappointed. Do not believe much of what you read, because a lot of it is people who only know how to read and post false information. If you are one of the people who fucking “knows” everything about smoking weed and feel its your duty to post shit you have read with out any real facts or experimenting to back up all the bullshit you post. Then you are a fucking moron.


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  1. so this takes the terps out but not the thc? well what happens to your thc? also is the simple distillation the way to get thc or fractional is how to get thc? i understand the steam way is to only get terps out of any plants but i do not understand how they get thc oil for vapes is it the simple or fractional way …..i heard of short path which i am not sure what that is

  2. whats the smell of it? is it like the flowers smell ? and for everyone that keep saying that you can get thc of this set up is on the wrong direction lol

  3. So why can you not distill THC, THCa, cannibidiol, any of the GOOD stuff? Maybe mixing a concentrate already used with another solvent like hexane , oil made with that mixed with D-limonene , then distilled to boil of thc and collect a almost pure thc? what am i missing

  4. Try using FRESH biomass next time. You'll increase your yield 10 fold! Also im not sure why you are not getting some thc??? The evaporating oils should extract some of the thc with it? Did you condenser start to res up yellow from the thc going solid maybe??? (too cold water?)


  5. I am trying to find out about steam extraction of the cannabinoids … what are you naming essential oils ?? … if you have buds covered in trichromes , and the steam is removing those trichromes, then you're  extracting the cannabinoids …I am not ridiculing your process, quiet the contrary , I think you may be selling yourself short … to me that looks like oil when you focus on it at 22 sec … if it is, then you have extracted honey oil … this is a much cleaner process than using spirits etc

  6. How does it taste when smoked?/thinking a great way to re add terpines usually lost from other extractions I do …..very Interesting f and gee I just happen to have glass wear. Thanks for the vid !!!!

  7. nice work friend, if you place a valve on this device and allow it to pressure up the steam temp will rise and increase your extraction rate , some time a device will refuse to pressure up if the condenser is operating beyond the required parameters  

  8. What kind of yield would you say you got. Have you ever tried distilling material that has already been used to make hash oil?

  9. Hey Corey from one wax man to another I ordered cannabis essential oils and it smells and tastes like oregano I know that the product used is a big part of it but did this smell and taste like the original buds you used? Or like a spice?

  10. yesssss !!! ive been searching to see if this was possible and im so happy to see that essential oils from cannabis is possible just like lavender or rosemary ! where did you find your distiller ?:)

  11. Dope! No pun. it would be cool if you made a marijuana cologne. Add a little lavander, hints of sandle wood, lemon zest.

  12. This looks similar to the Rick Simpson Oil, which anecdotal evidence suggests may cure serious diseases, such as cancer. Its very potent with cannabinoids, and when eaten can have a strong 'high" effect unless you use a variety that is high in CBD's to counter the psychoactive action of THC. This oil can also be used in a vaporizer. Since you are using water steam for extraction you would also extract a lot of the green chlorophyll, as most alcohol based solvents  would (unless you do it using freezing temps)–but the water  will also extract a thin water soluble substance known as "red oil" from the plant that is very watery and NOT psychoactive or have any known medicinal properties (but you can easily separate it from the thicker oil afterwards).

  13. Im buying a setup is their an oil that you recomend using or trying that ha a low boil point

  14. I want to use a half half ratio of a oil/water to produce steam not over 175F (temp thc resins pop) To extract thc or terpains.

  15. hidude is that for cooking ?smoking in a Eshisha ? just a skunk deodorant ? 🙂 ,can you post a video? using the same stuff to remove thc and cbd from bud through to  steam back to a new pure thc cbd form 

  16. It may be a waste of materials if you use bud for this all in all because of the reduced return on the quantity. But maybe for leaves and shake it would be worth it. You could potentially have the only hash oil I've ever seen that actually still has the fresh skunk aroma of green nuggz. Basically, I'm saying if you used your setup as a homemade vaporizer but collected the vapor in your collection flask instead of inhaling it. Any thoughts?

  17. Imagine, for example, a tank of pressurized liquid water held at 204.4 °C (400 °F). This vessel would normally be pressurized to 250 psi (1.7 MPa) above atmospheric ("gauge") pressure. Were the tank containing the water to split open.

    At atmospheric pressure the boiling point of water is 100 °C (212 °F) – liquid water at atmospheric pressure cannot exist, then, that 204.4 °C (400 °F) liquid water at atmospheric pressure must immediately flash to gas causing an explosion.

  18. Maybe if you pressurized the steam before sending it through the herb chamber, to get the steam temperature up to 380…But then this system would probably explode. If it did work you would have a very hard time getting it out of the vessel. If you are just trying to get decarbed black oil for eating or lotions, then alcohol is the safest way to go (recovered or extracted with this system).One of the safest butane extractors is a closed system called the tamisium. Good luck.

  19. Corey- if you accurately heated the herb chamber directly (similar to the function a volcano vaporizer etc) to let's say 380 degrees F, wouldn't the decarboxylated thc and most other cbd's travel into the collection tube you have set up? That would be a damn near pure vapor distilled cannabis oil. That seems way safer than butane or alcohol processes. Thoughts?

  20. Natural only means it wasn't created in a nuclear reaction so unless you are extracting with Plutonium you should be ok

  21. Soxlet run's like a perpetual fresh drip onto the material. It makes the blackest of oils and can give some chlorophyll poisoning if not biker gang lungs. Unfortunetly thc won't travel on vapor hence why you can evaporate off your alcohol to produce oil 🙂

  22. Nope, THC does not bond to H2O. If made correctly BHO is not unnatural. But is not something I recommend making using a open system. So, If you want to make some hash oil and not poison yourself or explode. You can take Everclear or the highest proof drinkable liquor available, soak Bud for 15 minutes to 15 days, strain and discard the herb, then evaporate the liquid. You will be left with a black kinda nasty looking oil on the bottom of the dish. But it will be safe to smoke.

  23. This is actually not for removing THC. THC is not water soluble, so you would most likely get…well now that raises a good question. A lot of chlorophyll for sure, probably tiny amounts of THC, It may smell good. There are actually hundreds of plants you can use in a steam distillation apparatus. The reason for using steam is for lower temperature terpens. It is a little different then distilling the way you described, which is a whole other way of distilling.

  24. I feel like you should be able to remove the THC too if you mix your product directly with water instead of having the steam pass through it. When you do it that way it raises the boiling point of the water and lowers the boiling point of the oils. Lavender oil can be obtained through steam distillation and it contains molecules with a higher boiling point than THC. But I don't really know, I haven't tried it.

  25. Простите, а не могли бы вы указать какие колбы использовались и схему приспособления очень хочется попробовать.

  26. I should have saved some for the lotions ive been making, I may run it again someday. running it with alcohol sounds kind of like a good idea to get decarboxylized right out of the extractor. I think you need more of a soxhlet type of apparatus, to be efficient, but it cant hurt to try but it may need to run thru more than once, sounds like something to try, there is a solvent recycler you can use from heart magic too.

  27. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Nice to see that someone actually posted a video finally. Does the oil smell like the strain that you used in the distillation? Also, if you want to get the THC out using this method you can distill with 95%-99% alcohol instead of water. For those who keep asking. I want to use the oil in soap or lotion. I know a lot of chicks that would buy the shit out them if they smeled like O.G. Kush, Diesel or any other specific strain.

  28. It doesn't contain THC because water is not a good solvent for THC, but there are many terpenes in cannabis that do not get you high and give it flavor and aroma. Not all terpenes are even extracted im sure. If you want oil, and you dont have a lot of pot you can soak bud in everclear for something quick. But its kind of gross stuff I think. I now use a tamisium butane extractor, and vacuum purge. But a $15 GLASS extractor and a few cans of butane, and a foodsaver vacuum container will work.

  29. got any information on why this method dosent contain thc? i only looked this up because i was told its a better method for hash oil. any information or even a point in the right direction for more info on the method would be appreciated

  30. Even though this method extracts essential oils which thc is, the boiling point of thc is 314F which is over 100 higher than the temp of the steam.