Strongest Forms of Marijuana Concentrate Are Costly

Dear Stoner: What’s the strongest kind of cannabis oil I can buy? How much does it cost?

Dear Marcie: The list of cannabis concentrates available today is much longer than it was before commercialization and new extraction techniques took off. Now you can find concentrates that are considerably stronger than the kief or bubble hash you likely grew up with, or even the wax and shatter that invaded dispensaries and stoner culture five years ago.

See all that goopy yellow stuff? Terps, baby. Terps.

See all that goopy yellow stuff? Terps, baby. Terps.

Jake Holschuh

Cannabis distillate, isolate and crystalline are all forms of concentrate than can reach upwards of 90 percent CBD or THC, depending on which cannabinoid you’re looking for. All of them are about as close to pure THC or CBD as you can get, with varying levels of terpenes left in or added for flavor. The cost of THC distillate and crystalline typically runs from $60 to $90 per gram based on the quality and amount of terpenes added (pure distillate with no terpenes is cheaper), while hemp-derived CBD isolate can cost less than $20 per gram at head shops.

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