Terpene Infused Bong Water ?

join in on our smoke session while we try out toke tonic’s terpene infused bong water from the future

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  1. I have some. Taste is enhanced and the potency with the entourage effect is a great result of giving a smoother hit and makes a nice high without anxiety or paranoia. The terpenes used aid with the feeling as well. Great stuff. I'll be getting more

  2. Terpenes can get you Higher. I've been eating food grade terpenes for months and have been adding them to bong water for Incredible effects.

  3. It's not just a claim. As long as the terpenes are legit they actually potentiate THC and other cannabinoids. By themselves terpenes are not psychoactive, but they do change the effects of THC and CBD. All cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in flower work together to produce your high or therapeutic effects. Known as the "Entourage effect".
    Great video thanks guys!

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