Terpene Talk with Horatio Delbert

I sit down with Horatio Delbert in this episode, and we talk a little about his terpene extraction vs, the fresh bud, vs the dry bud, vs the Dry sift, and the D limonene extractions. We dab some of his sift and a little of his dry sift, Pineapple express and TrainWreck, as well as some Pineapple express D Limonene Extract.


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  1. Cool video… early point… the water… thinking maybe the water is condensation coming from the warmer air that holds % water content meeting the heads supercooled by co2 and causing the contaminents/water to stick to the final product? Just a thought, not a sermon. I appreciate your efforts.

  2. How can one study this subject is there a course or funding for it? or is the best way-in to study a ethnobotany course and specialise in terpenes? Any thoughts or knowledge on the subject, I would appreciate. Many Thanks

  3. Pineapple Express and trainwreck are two extra frosty extra musky strains. Super lemon haze would be another good strain for this particular mix. Great strain choices.

  4. soo i just wanted to say i personaly really like rosin and i had been saving up my rosin chips after 2 presses and freezing them till i had enough to fill my honeybee extractor then ran a can of butane through it and got out another 3 grams of amazing hash oil and it was sooo flavourfull it tasted soo much like the rosin. i really like to hear horatio's thoughts on this???@HoratioDelbert

  5. Maybe there is something philosophical to discuss here about methods of production, but it seems really pretentious the way they overpresent all of their info.

  6. Fuck me, bring back the days where you just score some weed and chill. Too much science detracts from the fun of scoring and smoking! I mean, spend this kind of time gettin the shit legalized or something guys!

  7. bubbleman put the booger bud back in the pile of good weed lol.. just poking fun. Thanks for this video and all the content you guys put out, really enjoy watching these!

  8. Curt Holmberg
    Cant thank both of you enough for educating people about this medicine been watching bubbleman and John B for over a year now and this medicine has saved my family my wife of 11 years started taking on violent exorcist like seizures it was the scariest thing I have ever been through.We have a 4 and 5 year old boys so it was so hard explaining things to them on my own because she didnt remember anything.   

    Tried medicating with buds and it wasn't effective. As soon as I used the bubblebags from a friend (cant wait until I can afford our own) and extracted resin my wife hasnt had a violent seizure for a long time now.

     Me and my children  can sleep next to my wife again its an amazing feeling. We still hide away from pills they try to give us. The pills they gave us were killing my wife and days she couldnt even walk for a week.

    48 hrs after being off the pharm pills and on resin she was up and hyper ….sweeping the floors doing dishes!

    Amazing videos with Horatio Delbert at the end of the day the resin is the most effective in every way shape or form!
    people are being healed within 48 hrs with concentrates and resin 

    Thank you guys sooo much for your work

  9. This is so great!!!!! captivating…..i experiment with different combos of citrus rind to re-hydrate my over dry old bud which im forced to smoke right now….i know its kinda bush league compared to what you guys are doin..but im having fun and its not effecting me or my meds in any negitive way so far 

  10. I understand you not wanting to smoke the errls. Especially the ones made petrochemical solvents. Im sure most of us that have witnessed the rise of bho have dabbed small (or large) trace amounts of butane. I wonder if that will have some sort of mutations on the cellular level. Look at the shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. 

  11. I want to know what you think about Eagle20 you only need to use it the first 2 weeks of veg only once really but it cures not fights bit cures your plants of pm and also blocks the plant from being affected from any mold or fungus including grey mold

  12. Most of the times the sugar products for cannabis like sweet and other flavored carbs dont make sense because most of the carbs or sugars are eaten up and are meant to feed the trichoderma in the soil anyways rather than get eaten by the actual plant… people think it makes their plants taste like it smells but it is mostly nonsense. I dont know all the science behind these things but ive used alot of different products over the years most are given to me for free from the hydro shop so i do alot of small batch testing and home research…

  13. Horatio is spot on about artificial flavors from sugars from synthetic nutrients, a terpene would not absorb a spray as much as it would absorb sugars from its very feeding ground-its plant self. There is no terpenes without plant matter, whatever the plant goes through, the terpenes go through.

  14. Ive had a friend knock a pop into the soil bucket i had a flowering plant in, the shatter i made with alcohol pulled a crystaline material out with it which ive now recognized as sugar. So it's possible the trichomes are taking sugars from the plant that have been introduced to the plant/it's roots.

  15. Thank you Horatio for taking the words out of my mouth. The things we cannot prove that are going on in the vibrational reality of the plant in the relationship to the grower. The physical onset of a medicinal herb can be great, until the vibrational aspect of reality takes place. Some are more in tune to frequencies and vibrations and just KNOW that there is a quality of healing coming through the plant that is not physical, nor describable and/or comparable.

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