Terpene Unboxing

Link to FusionFlavours (CannaTerp)

This is my first unboxing video, I am unboxing an order I made from CannaTerp. This video is in no way sponsored however the link above is an affiliate link, help support my channel by making an order of some terpenes and let me know what you ordered in the comments below.



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  1. I ordered the pg/vg to make nicotine vape juice without cannabis. The MCT is for upcoming videos, but will not be used to vape, it is for consuming orally.

    I only use terpenes that I blend myself when mixing my ejuice so I can know exactly what I am consuming. I don't like the premixed terpene blends other sites sell for diluting as you don't even know if they are pure terpenes or what blend they are. I mix my own using just the terpenes from this site.

    Link to FusionFlavours (CannaTerp)

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