TERPENES in FL ♡ “food grade” terps explained + let’s (not) go terpene shopping on the internet

edit 10/10/18 PLEASE NOTE: this video was made months ago and some things that i say in it (mostly those regarding the availability of cannabis-derived terpenes in FL products) are now, no longer true. Some FL dispensaries that now use cannabis derived terps in some or all products (respectively): Trulieve now has at least one cannabis derived terpene product (as of the time I’m writing this), GrowHealthy also advertises cannabis derived terpenes in their product. Things are changing rapidly in Florida. Please do your own research on which other dispensaries have cannabis derived terpenes.

To click around faster: 0:41 is it still natural if it doesn’t come from cannabis?
14:41 let’s go terpene shopping on the Internet
17:11 let’s go Cannabis-derived terpene shopping on the Internet

Go to the bottom of the description for info sources. Please note, I am in Florida and this is an informative video about terpenes, their existence in FL’s medical marijuana/cannabis products, and where terpenes can be found IN nature AND in other man-made products, such as cannabis extracts.

Any “state laws” I refer to are Florida-based state laws. Please don’t be a jerk; I’m not trying to be a know-it-all and if you have something to contribute to the discussion then please do so with it.

TL;DR: no official agency of any kind regulates terpenes in FL or anywhere for that matter.

Fun fact: some essential oil companies (outside of the MMJ world i’m talking about) have made up their own grading systems for THEIR OWN PRODUCTS to promote their “purity”/quality lmao why would you (as a consumer) trust that? (unrelated to medical cannabis, but, what if cannabis companies start doing that haha)

yayyy! watch for more.

terpenes terpenes everywhere. terpenes terpenes in my hair (literally).

0:41 is it still natural if it doesn’t come from cannabis?
14:41 let’s go terpene shopping on the Internet
17:11 let’s go Cannabis-derived terpene shopping on the Internet

in this video we are going to explore the difference between natural and “fake” and “food grade terpenes” and why some people should stop spreading mis-information. Yo, the last thing I want to be is a hypocrite, so if you are smarter than me and you catch something I fucked up on, let me know so I can make a correction comment or something. I just feel the tension and the anger coming for some reason from this video LMAO im shook

Please watch all of it if you can. Or watch until you get the point.

If you’re a cannabis expert and have any issue with what I’ve said, I’m all ears.

But as you’ll see in this, I’m probably not going to listen to anything you say without fact-checking it myself before repeating it to anyone else, so you should check your facts first. I really did my best to try to only include true information and then my opinion whenever I clarify that I’m speaking from opinion (i usually make it pretty evident).

guys. I’ve said it 10000 times and I’ll say it again: i am NOT a cannabis expert, but i did do my research on this. I do not want to paint myself to be some kind of chemist or doctor. I just want you guys to be aware of 1) what the state does and does not require for Florida dispensaries to tell you about their products – if NO ONE knows, why would YOU know? proof plz, if you are going to make any claims about the source of any FL dispensary’s terpenes. And 2)at the risk of seeming hypocritical, I don’t think it’s safe to blindly put into my body the “food grade terpenes” or any terpenes on the internet for that matter. But I don’t know.


•Wise, Amber. “Full-spectrum terpenes”. Avitas.

• Sexton, Shelton, et al. ”Study Finds Terpenes Lost During Supercritical CO2 Extraction.”

• FDA | 21 CFR 701.3 “Cosmetics Labeling”

• Smith, Morgan: “Cannabis, Plant, and Synthetic Terpenes: What’s the Difference?”
Colorado PotGuide

• “Linalool” –

linalool alone (a naturally occurring terpene that also is, in some cases, added to Florida mmj concentrate products) comes from over 200 natural sources.

my contact info:
insta: @helloelliek
facebook: /elliekitten

i know that my tone can make me seem like i know everything sometimes. it’s a cover for how insecure i really am, and please know that i put on a front of confidence so i can do these videos lol i’m still 10000% open to hearing what you have to say 🙂 thanks


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  1. Hey decent video! just a friendly hint for people dont get stuck on "cannabis derived" bc all terpene molecules are the same regardless of which plant. If youre getting your own terps, focus on the distillation/extraction method and if its organic non gmo pesticide free etc. Focus on the companies transparency in details. If they dont have any, ask them directly. To my knowledge, the strain profiles from companies like Kind terpenes and Fogg arent synthetic just bc they are profiles- the reason they are called "profiles" is bc they mix certain percentages of each terpene to create a flavor similar to what the strain is known for tasting like. On my channel i discuss how you can get budget flower/concentrate and flavor it yourself. plus two lame reviews and more to come lol 🙂

  2. I’m sorry but what in the world?
    Does certificate of analysis, spec sheet, SDS sheet not suffice for information?
    COAs literally show batch numbers that traces the product back to original source.

  3. So I use synthetic terpenes because I’m not paying $700 per ml I don’t hide it it’s the exact same come look in our electron microscope

  4. have you had anyone ask about throat irritation from the terpes in surterras products? I love the terpe flavors they have but im thinking it might be too much fro the throat to handle with out being irritated.

  5. Ellie I wanted to tell you something. I went to MüV (new dispensary in sarasota florida) and bought Red Headed Stranger and Northern Lights. On both of the boxes they came in where it says ingredients it says "Cannabis Distillate with All Natural, Reintroduced Cannabis Terpenes" SO to it looks like it's saying they're actually using just cannabis terpenes BUT i literally put that exactly how it's written so either maybe it's a typo. I'm hoping it's a typo but it says with All Natural (capital A and N) and then it has a comma and then says Reintroduced Cannabis Terpenes. Why the capital All Natutal and why the comma after all natural.. I might be buggin lol. Just thought it was strange lol

  6. Hey!! I wanted to say and ask a few things. First i always go to trulieve , curaleaf and surterra but a new dispensary just opened in Sarasota called MUV. Have you been to a MUV yet??? I noticed they had some good looking strains like northern lights and sour tsunami. I might go there this weekend but wanted to know if you knew anything about them…and as far as the terpenes do we know if they are harmful to us? I mean i get what u were saying about us not knowing where they come from but regardless is it possible that they could be not good? Like cancer causing or something. I've felt like this was surreal since I got my card (that we can go pick up cannibis legally) . maybe the catch is that it's not good for us like regalar buds would be cuz the terpenes are bad. I might be WAY off. I literally have no idea what I'm talking about. I've done no research partially cuz i wouldn't trust what i read if i did do research lol.

  7. You need to pay attention Ellie lol aphria concentrate uses cannabis plant terpenes you can tell by taste. Trulieve terpenes taste like artificial candy. MuV does on member berries and red headed stranger. Review those. Best mmj content in Florida so far. Video long overdue.

  8. Thank you Ellie…..Great info….nothing wrong with good info….Its like going on a cruise and you see the sign "All you can eat" Doesnt mean we have to eat it all….Be informed….

  9. Thanks for clearing up the “food terpene” disagreement I had with someone about Aphria a week back. He was right and wrong in a way I guess. I’m sure that conversation played a great part in you covering them in this video (terps). Nobody knows everything, but there’s a shit load of know it alls. Hell, I’m one of them too sometimes…lol. Anyway, thanks for doing this Ellie K! I love your style and the research you actually put into this shit so you don’t look like a fool later, you do an awesome job Ellie K😎. I should have waited an hour and posted my last comment on this video. It would have fit in better here. I don’t guess YouTube has invented to comment mover feature yet 🤣 At 11:33 Nugget comes strolling in…mischievous mode in full effect 😼🙀😹

  10. I just started exploring terpenes. I am now making my own cartridges using TruClear adding a couple drops of Medical Terpenes. The difference is night and day! The terpenes make all the difference!

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