Terpenes: The Most Common Language in the World

The most popular language on earth isn’t spoken, it’s smelled. Those smells are made up of terpenes, a multipurpose class of chemical compounds.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  1. I know there is some truth to "smelling danger".
    Also it would be great if there was articulation and education regarding what life is without smell / flavor. I'm game to volunteer information to you guys!

  2. I'm procrastinating studying what I need to know for physics, chemistry and biology to watch interesting – and unrelated – videos about physics, chemistry and biology.

  3. This is interesting, and the fact that it's being researched as a repellant is awesome assuming that it works to drive off bacteria and microbes. Maybe terpenes could be used as a form of antibiotic/vaccination… Instead of killing off bugs that infect keep them away before they infect.

  4. Rohan and Gondor, hahahaha.

    This was kind of cool; I never knew this before. I could have used some terpenes to keep that hornworm off my tomato plant before he ate half of it!

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