TGA Genetic's Subcool on Terpene & Cannabinoid Patient Therapy Education | High Times Cannabis Cup

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  1. Hey sub man that 4 minute interview was inspirational if you cant wait45 days you should not be ur look on fem seeds i went out and bought bunch of reg from tga hazeman an connisieur genetics.i think you are right on fem seed.

  2. That fucking music I really wanted to hear what you said couldn't hear one word ,I will lip read ,if it ever get legal here in UK hopefully we can have a tga UK branch.cheers.

  3. Good job Sub, I've been working with raising the CBN with oils and tinctures (through slow heating over time) to give a couple of my patient a strong sedating form of cannabis to help them with pain and mostly sleep. Again great job.

  4. Weed nerd lifestyle taught in 4 mins, great interview. Sub educating people like always more strains more crosses more results more high quality mess for everyone

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