This video is about the obsession that people have had about the amount of THC in the buds or oils. But THC all by itself is not interesting and not very enjoyable.

I am Just Carter. I am also The Pot Scientist but so are you. (assuming you’ve ever experimented by consuming cannabis) You can use my channel to get my informed opinion on Cannabis Science, Industry and Culture.

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If you have Freedom use it and Consume Responsibly.


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  1. How can terpenes replace thc? they don't have the same effect or pros and cons they are two completely different things that provide two completely different purposes… nice tash

  2. Is terpenes different from a full spectrum oil ? I’ve just started vaping cbd and bought 2bottles online to try today one was 600mg 10ml blueberry Kush with creme terpenes and the other 500mg 10ml full spectrum blueberry.
    If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it

  3. its the balance terps, and canibanoids, at least thats been my exp when we tried stuff we had overkill maps for(showed 15 or 20 dif components) and, the balances, cbd/thc/etc along with the terps, i wont lie, i had some 98% obama kush shatter that actually still had flavor, and, was among the best highs i have had, full body and head, but, no loss in concentration…well unless i fucked up like i did the first hit and hit way to much.. (the chunk i intended to hit 2-3 times fell off the dabber and…well…didnt want to waste any..ROFL.jesus…i was just sitting there thinking "am i going to be able to deal with the next person stopping by to deliver some stuff" i was… but for like 15min i was zoned… lol..

    i buy more cheap stuff then premo stuff, i find it for me, tastes better and works just as well if i get a good strain. (well as long as its not too heavy on the wax, one place was selling what was left after they skimmed off most of the clear stuff after wintering, purged but, like 10-30% wax..(yucky stuff)

  4. Have you grown cannabis? have you harvest and cured and bud washed before? Have you decarbed , process and produced oil ? Have you personally made Cannabis medicine by via oral ingestion , suppositories or transdermally?. Do you know how to boost the Bioavailability of the cannabis to pass the BBB? Have you treated any individual with Cancer, PTSD, Seizures etc..?. If you answered No to any of these questions ya might want to stop calling yourself the Pot scientist, LOl.. Glad to see you taking a interest thou. Keep learning you will get it after a while.

  5. Dude what are you talking about? With very little anecdotal information you dismiss THC and promote terpenes? You compare lab THC when the combustion of cannabis with the other ingredients is where the effects take place. Turning THCa into THC is a major part of the process you skipped over because you focused on "lab created" THC. Terps produce the "sticky icky", the scents and flavors but these characteristics have far less to do with the effect than do THC or CBDs.

  6. Does terpenes in its self have mental benefits? I've tried "regular " cbd I bought from a headshop in ohio and it did nothing for my sleep/anxiety. The headshop near me recently got termenes blueberry og and a few other strains. I'm scared to waste my Damn money again lol is it worth a shot in your opinion ? I can't really find any reviews or knowledge on them at all…

  7. THC is being studied and has been proven to cause apoptosis in cancer cells. Stop spreading this bullshit. Some patience need the "high". Terps aren't as studied and aren't as medically beneficial when it comes to one of the if not the worst disease known to man. And the high is what is therapeutic. Especially for pain and lots of other things. Terps are beneficial especially when added to cannabinoids but please don't word if like you do. We need more studies to back up the benefits of thc of the government will use the "high" factor to try to win as usual. That's the only argument they have. if I wanted to really get high I'd take the pills the Drs hand out and the government just let's them if they get their cut.

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