The Best CBD Products Right Now That Pass Our Toughest Scrutiny

There are people who check out THC content and ABV percentages with the same guiding principle: more is better. But as cannabis has become increasingly legalized and studied, this focus on potency has receded to make room for interest in things like terpenes and cannabidiol (CBD) content. In fact, people looking for therapeutic benefits are often considerably more focused on CBD content than THC content, because these cannabinoid molecules have a broad range of medical applications that include easing the symptoms of anxiety, opioid withdrawal, inflammation, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease, pain, and seizures. And CBD does it all without getting you high, which is solid for people who want the curative advantages of cannabis but aren’t looking to be baked.

Anecdotal evidence obviously links CBD to the relief of a number of health issues, but the strongest scientific evidence has been found in relation to childhood epilepsy syndromes. There are multiple studies that show it reduces the number of seizures. It’s been so effective that the FDA approved Epidiolex, the first cannabis-derived medication on the market. There are also studies that show CBD applied to the skin of animals lowered pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Another demonstrated the mechanism by which CBD reduced pain caused by inflammation and neuropathy. But it’s worth noting there are more voices celebrating CBD on social media than there are studies backing these positions up.

We think it’s worth maintaining a healthy skepticism because there aren’t any cure-alls in the world. Instead of rushing headlong into a vat of modern snake oil, we have cautiously investigated products containing CBD. We urge you to do the same. Vape or smoke some CBD-heavy herb, take a CBD oil capsule, try a sublingual tincture, rub on some lotion with a high CBD content, or scarf down some CBD edibles. If they work to reduce a medical issue that is plaguing you, then you win. In our experimentation, we won repeatedly. In fact, we assembled this list of CBD products that worked in a big way.

It is worth noting that though we talked about weed a lot here, CBD is also harvested from hemp. Marijuana and hemp are two different varieties of the same cannabis sativa plant, and they have been bred for many, many hundreds of years for a variety of reasons. Both of them contain CBD, but whereas marijuana contains a lot of different chemicals, hemp is only CBD. If you live in a state where pot is still illegal, you will likely only have access to hemp-derived CBD. That means some of the items on this list aren’t universally available.

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