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Are you looking to thin your extract/distillate without adding any flavor? Then The Flavorless is for you! Odorless, tasteless, colorless and vapes perfectly, and cheaper than your distillate. This isn’t some marked up blend of PG,PEG or MCT like you find at the other shops, this is a proprietary blend of high grade components specifically to function perfectly with your extracts. Go to, grab a sample or a gallon and lets get to making money!

Want the full analysis? Click here for the profile data sheet:

Regardless of what terpenes you are currently using, we believe our terpenes are better and we are more than happy to put our money where our mouth is. Already using terpenes? Contact us with your supplier and we will send you out free samples. Our company was the first to offer these cannabis profiles to the industry and we are widely considered the best, a true difference you can taste.

Whether you’re looking for a natural alternative to the PG/PGE in your pens or start your own company, we have the terpenes to supply you! We have over twenty premium terpene profiles and thousands of flavor combinations. Contact us directly for discounted prices on standard wholesale terpenes. Bulk pricing for your company, cash discounts and amazing flavors will take your program to the next level- starting at $5/g with sample packs starting at $80 bucks! Visit or call 80-KUSH-BUD-0 to place an order today!

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