The Myths and the Realities of Cannabis Lighting

Cannabis Lighting Myths VideoOne of the most-discussed elements of greenhouse cannabis production is lighting needs. When it comes to clarifying myths and misconceptions regarding cannabis lighting, there are few better sources than Bruce Bugbee, who runs Utah State University’s Crop Physiology Lab.

Bugbee’s lab at Utah State is one of the few with a license to study cannabis cultivation with several active research projects underway. The lab’s license is to research hemp, but these principles also apply to cannabis, including sativa and indica.

Earlier this year, Bugbee recorded a video through his company, Apogee Instruments (a developer of research-based instruments used in precision agriculture) to address some of these myths. The video covers topics such as:

How far should my lights be above my cannabis plants?

What are the proper tools to measure light levels?

What effect does light quality have on the synthesis of cannabinoids and terpenes?

Check out the complete video here.


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