The Rich Terpene Show – Episode 01 – Pain is Pain

An introduction to MMAR grower, Brian Engel.

(2:30) Meet Brian
(3:20) Sourcing Genetics
(4:20) Strain Selection
(5:30) Bill c-45; patients and the non-medical market; taxes
(6:58) “Justin changed”
(8:50) Buying weed at the government shop
(10:40) Predictions for most popular edibles in 2019
(12:35) Brian’s trip to BC for 420 last year.
(13:40) Buying weed at a dispensary in BC
(14:20) Vape lounges
(15:07) Victoria vs. Toronto
(17:40) Homegrower participation in the cannabis marketplace
(19:15) Seed to sale tracking; transparency; opportunity
(20:40) What will people be looking for from LP weed?
(21:40) Four monster weed plants; diversion
(22:41) Where is all the weed gonna come from?
(23:18) Brand presence
(23:42) Ross’ Gold
(25:52) Terpene profiles; food derived terpenes;
(27:42) Living with pain
(28:02) Concentrates
(28:57) Insurance coverage for cannabis – how far should it go?
(30:04) Brian’s hopes for legalization
(31:13) Brian’s advice to the liberal government
(32:15) Brian’s message to the LPs
(33:26) Who will be selling weed in Ontario next year
(33:45) Reasonable access
(34:12) Closing remarks


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