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Airgraft’s new vaporizer doesn’t have the absolute most feature of any vape pen and it’s not the cheapest option out there, but it could be the best value.

The new company’s first product is a $68 pen that promises clean, unburnt vaping. Instead of the hot spot-prone wick-based heating system used in most mid-market vapes, Airgraft’s opts for a ceramic heating element to eliminate the chance of combusted concentrate. It’s backed up by a robust app that tracks terpene distribution, THC consumption per draw (and per session) and a whole lot of other usage data.

Like a Juul, Airgraft’s pens are also pod-based (pod prices have not been announced yet) and offer more control than some popular cannabis vaporizers (like Dosist) in the form of customizable THC intake and length of pull. But because it’s pod-based, you can’t load flower or waxes into it like Pax’s higher-end offerings (it’s also a proprietary system, so only Airgraft pods will work with the pen). There’s also a lock on it to prevent friends and family from taking a hit on accident.

A representative for the brand confirmed pod prices will be available early September and a limited supply of the first-gen Airgraft pens can be reserved now.

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