This summer, don’t just look good, feel good

Are you looking for the latest tips to get ready for summer? Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman joined Let’s Talk Live to share some of her favorite beauty, fashion, and wellness tips to keep you looking and feeling good all season.

1. Soft comfort shoes. It wouldn’t be summer without a nice pair of footwear. Soft Comfort shoes is an exciting new brand that combines fashion, comfort, and price. Their shoes feel incredible on your feet. Check out their slide on sandals with a perforated cross band design that comes in light blue, black, blush, and olive, only for $39.99 and available with free shipping. Or, try their adjustable suede straps, which provide the ultimate comfort with a two-inch heel for a little extra height. If you’re feeling a little on the casual or sporty side, try their slip-on sneakers with their gorgeous crochet-knit fabric and ultra-plush memory foam insole. They are breathable, light-weight, and extremely comfortable. Visit to get an extra 15 percent off your purchase.

2. Glamsquad. Nothing beats knowing that the products you use on your face not only help make you look good, but they’re also beneficial to your skin. Glamsquad’s nine-piece makeup collection features high quality, skin-benefiting ingredients. This collection is dermatologist-tested, vegan, and cruelty-free. There are no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or mineral oil. No multi-step tutorials, no questionable chemicals-just a curated selection of squad-vetted, must-have products to keep up with your busy day. Get the most out of every wear! You can shop all Glamsquad products by visiting

3. Etude. What’s a lovely summer evening without a relaxing glass of wine? Etude Rosé is from the beautiful vineyards in Santa Barbara, America’s Riveria. This wine is not as sweet as others but appeals to men and women. It combines well with food and tastes just as good on its own. Rosé is best served chilled but serving it too cold mutes the flavors. This wine isn’t just for warm weather either—it’s a terrific wine year-round. Visit to learn more.

4. Sterling Vineyards Aluminum Bottles. Wine in aluminum bottles? What’s the catch? The aluminum bottle lets you make wine part of your active lifestyle. You can take it to the beach, to a picnic, or the ballgame without worrying about glass breakage. Sterling offers the same Vintner’s Collection wines in this new package, and it’s available in Chardonnay, Ros, and Cabernet Sauvignon. You can learn more about where you can find these awesome aluminum bottles here.

5. Beringer Brothers Sauvignon Blanc Aged in Tequila barrels. Beringer Brothers pay tribute to the founding brothers who started the winery in 1975 in Napa Valley, making both wines and spirits. It’s the oldest operating winery in Napa. Beringer Brothers offer Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red blend aged in Bourbon barrels. They recently introduced Sauvignon Blanc aged Tequila barrels. The spirit barrels add a unique flavor to the wines, and this type of wine is becoming very popular. In 2018, Beringer Brothers were the most successful new wine launched. You can click here to learn more about Beringer Brothers.

6. HempFusion. Summer is the perfect time to get your health in top shape. HempFusion’s newest product, Twist, is a heart-healthy liquid dietary supplement packed with Omega3 fish oil. Twist comes in a few different flavors, like citrus ginger, mango peach, and key lime. It’s perfect for summer because it contains whole-plant terpenes and omega3’s which promote excellent health. And who doesn’t want to feel their healthiest in the summer? HempFusion also offers capsule products that help with sleep, stress, and energy. You can find out more about them, and their products at,, Pharmaca, and the Vitamin Shoppe.

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