What are Terpenes in Cannabis – How do they affect CBD Oil?

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There are over 100 terpenes found in various strains of cannabis. If you are buying CBD oil it is important to know some of the common ones and how they will effect the qualities of your CBD Oil.

5 of the most common terpenes in CBD and Cannabis are:

Myrcene is the most common terpene in cannabis. You can find it in lesser quantities in mangoes, lemongrass and basil.
This is a very good choice if you are looking for an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, or sedative effect. Myrcene has been given the nickname “couch-lock” since it’s known to have you so relaxed after it’s use.

This is the most common terpene in the world and as you might have guessed carries with it the pine, woodsy smell. Pinene has a mildly alerting effect and is noted as an anti-depressant.

Last time you smelled or bit into a lemon, you got very familiar with limonene. Possibly Limonene’s most important job is improving the absorption rate of other terpenes, but it does have powerful mood boosting properties itself.

Beer drinkers are familiar with this terpene as it’s often found in hops. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is one of the few terpenes noted as an appetite suppressant.

This flowery terpene is known for it’s stress relief and anti-depressant effects. In early studies Linalool has shown to have positive effects on seizure sufferers and relief for psychosis.

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