Zenabis High-CBD Low-THC Dried Cannabis Buds

Daytime CBD by Namaste is a fluffy velvety green Sativa-dominant hybrid bud with bright orange pollen and fruity citrus odours. It has a higher range of Cannabinoid and lower range of THC, an excellent choice for less experienced users or those seeking higher levels of CBD, providing a delightful soothing yet uplifting effect.

Namaste Technologies is a Canadian Cannabis e-commerce and a tech-related company that creates innovative online platforms that offer unprecedented value for customers, stakeholders, and their global partners. 

Namaste is a premium, adult-use, recreational Marijuana brand by the parent company Zenabis, one of Canada’s largest licensed cultivators. All products are tested, regulated and undergo strict quality control standards set forth by Health Canada.

With 5.31% of THC and 13.4% of CBD, it tastes and smells sweet, fruity and citrus. The Terpene profile is very diverse with 0.16% Caryophyllene, 0.07% Humulene and 0.13% Myrcene. Terpenes are Cannabinoids which possess aromatic properties and diversifies the variety of Marijuana with distinctive flavours and odours. 

It is available on several websites for purchase online in 8 of 10 Canadian Province and costs CA$ 12.75 per gram.

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